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Baljit s nagpal
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Baljit S Nagpal

Welcome to “AAP KI FARMAISH” on CKCU 93.1FM , the first FARMAISH (request) program in Canada, and that too in the Nation’s Capital of Ottawa adjoining the City of Gatineau. Founder Baljit S Nagpal started this program  that has been and continues to be ON AIR for over 44 years. Aap Ki Farmaish is one of many programs broadcast from CKCU 93.1FM, a Non-for-Profit station with over 200 volunteers.

The program spins out your choice of  music, brings you innovative and ground breaking collection of music cut out for all living in Ottawa/Gatineau that enjoy music from India, in particular Bollywood film songs both old and new, Ghazals, Classical and POP, and the popular Bhangra music. Aap Ki Farmaish also promotes local talent and events, conduct interviews, and provide information on upcoming Bollywood movies in Ottawa.

Melodic Fusion: Indian Music on Canadian Radio station


Soothing and poetic, Ghazal music enchants with its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that stir the emotions.


Lively and contemporary, Indian pop music infuses catchy tunes and energetic rhythms, creating a vibrant and upbeat musical experience.


A seamless blend of traditional Indian elements with global influences, Indian fusion music delivers a mesmerizing cross-cultural musical experience.


Energetic and infectious, Bollywood music captivates with its catchy melodies, vibrant rhythms, and irresistible dance beats.

India regional

Diverse and culturally rich, India’s regional music offers a captivating tapestry of melodies, rhythms, and traditions.

south asian

Vibrant and diverse, South Asian music encompasses a tapestry of captivating sounds from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and beyond.


what people say about us

"Nice program, loved listening to Chal odja re panchi 👌🏼"
"First of all congratulation tea. AKF. What an evening!! Lots of beautiful music for 26 january . very much enjoyed the programme. Thanks for putting an amazing show. All the best"
Krishna Batra
Love Aap Ki Farmaish on CKCU, discovered through Twitch DJ, sparks memories. Nagpal is great host, relaxed and informative. Thrilled to have found it in San Diego. Hope community continues to support. Looking forward to more years of listening.
sunana batra
"TGIF thanks and congratulates Baljit Nagpal and his team for 'Aap ki Farmaish' program. Baljit ji is proactive in helping community organizations like TGIF. The program recognizes charity, promotes community services and entertains with music."
Bala Brahmanandam Madaparthi

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